Because MORE results don’t always come from weighing & eating LESS.

Are you ready to focus on something OTHER than fat loss?
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MORE strength. MORE muscle. 

MORE energy and mental space freed up for MORE possibilities when we aren’t always and only focused on being, weighing and wanting LESS.

MORE THAN is a 12 week introduction to hypertrophy training program where you’ll also receive 1:1 attention, coaching and support for learning how to maintain your weight, build muscle and set and work towards goals that have nothing to do with weight loss. 

More than is for you if:  

  • If you know you shouldn’t (and can’t) be dieting forever but have no idea what you could be doing instead. 

  • You’ve done the weight loss part before (and before and before and before) and it’s the maintaining the loss part that always gets trips you up. 

  • Dieting has been your comfort zone; the only goal you’re familiar with setting, the thing you always turn to to “fix” what you look like and how you feel about your body 

  • You know that building muscle is important for your health but you aren’t really sure HOW to do that 

  • You can’t seem to reach your body composition goals or see any changes in your physique despite exercising consistently and/or losing more weight. 

  • All of your “healthy” habits go right out the window the moment your fat loss phase has ended 

“But as far as how I feel in my body: what a difference! I have more energy through the day and through my workouts. I stress less about how much I can eat I’m not thinking about food all the time. I feel more confident as opposed to always hungry.”

-MORE THAN member

Wanting to change your body size or how your body looks isn’t inherently a terrible, disordered or wrong desire to have. Weight loss may very well be an appropriate, supportive and positive goal for you. We aren’t anti-fat loss around here. Your body, your goals. We also won’t ever discredit the real and positive effect that weight loss can have on an individual’s health and quality of life.

But if fat loss is always your BIG, fun, acceptable, sexy, motivating goal because it “works”… perhaps it’s not really working after all. 

And when that’s always the ONLY goal you can think of and the ONLY one you’ve ever had or attempted to have….. it’s time to try something else.

Fat loss does not - should not - have to be your only North Star.

The body composition a lot of people are after is built during the time spent not dieting.

If you’ve been dieting dieting dieting and exercising exercising exercising and still aren’t content/comfortable/confident with your body composition, more dieting and more exercising is probably NOT what you need. 

If you’re exercising a lot (like, A LOT a lot) and finding yourself still not reaching your goals despite your hard work and time spent it’s probably not a matter of you not working hard or long enough. Loving a particular form of training doesn’t mean you’ll inherently love the results or outcome that training creates. Or, that there will be results or any sort of noticeable change at all.

Your “goal body” probably has more muscle than you think it does.

MORE THAN is how you begin to make that happen.

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What you'll receive

  • 12 weeks of hypertrophy focused programming updated weekly and all of the info you need to understand the how and why’s behind building muscle (exercise demos, progression prescriptions, etc.)
  • Four 45-60 minute sessions per week (doesn’t matter which days or what time - you set your own schedule and work out when it’s best for you). 
  • Nutrition guidelines for weight maintenance and/or weight and muscle gaining with or without macro tracking
  • Weekly coaching and advice for things like lifting form feedback, mindset and behavior change
  • Education, resources and curriculum based activities on things like; body image, mindful eating & determining values based goals separate from weight loss

Frequently Asked Questions