helping you train with purpose & avoid a lifetime of dieting


Health, nutrition & fitness coaching for your body AND brain

What if it wasn’t about needing more willpower? 

What if you didn’t need to feel directionless, confused and like what you were doing in the gym wasn’t accomplishing anything?

What if you didn’t need to try restrictive diet after restrictive diet because it’s the only thing that seems to “work”? 

What if you stopped wasting precious time always hating your body? 

What if you no longer approached your fitness and food with overwhelm, intimidation, or confusion but rather knowledge and purposeful intention?

What if you built a stronger foundation of long lasting, health promoting habits and freedom around your food choices?

What if you started making and seeing the changes you say you want to make in ways that make sense for you and your season of life?

What if you learned, practiced & strengthened your resiliency & confidence through compassionate behavior change?


Stronger by Design (SXD) specializes in customized programs & coaching designed with science & psychology backed practices to help you make changes that’ll stick, in facts > fear mongering and treating you like the individual you are. 

Whether it’s strength, hypertrophy, dipping your toe into the world of powerlifting or nutrition & health coaching to support your lifestyle, preferences & goals during any stage of training… I’m your coach.

Here you’ll find coaching for everybody and every body — SXD is for people who range all over the fitness, nutrition & health spectrum. Above all I want to support and guide you through improving your health and help change your relationship with food and exercise. 

I don’t want you to just “trust the process.” I want you to understand the process & begin to trust yourself.

hi. I'm Brit. 

I love to work with people who… 

  • struggle with sticking to health promoting habits & adapting their mindset around behavior change 

  • wrestle with diet and weight cycling, poor body image and all-or-nothing thinking 

  • want to better understand the psychology and emotions that influence their thoughts and choices around fitness, nutrition and health 

  • need tools & strategies for tackling resistance as it relates to their environments, values and goals 

  • would benefit from finding enjoyment and a sense of purpose in their training 

  • want to increase their strength & build muscle

When things get hard and frustrating and confusing, it’s easy to give up.


You can do hard things with guidance.

I'm here to make sure you aren’t getting bogged down by BS gimmicks and unrealistic expectations and to give you the skills and support to make training and nutrition a priority and something to value as a part of your life. 

Ready to make meaningful change in ways that supports who you are as a whole human being?

Ready to find and work on what’s realistic & manageable based on where you’re at NOW and where you want to be?


Here’s how I can help: 

not sure which program is right for you?

Shoot me an email and I’ll help you decide what type of coaching is the right fit and answer any questions you have.


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