SxD’s foundational training program designed to take you through progressive phases of well-rounded fitness


Whether you’re a strength training newbie or a seasoned gym goer, you’ll find a place (and progress) here.

Spend your energy and focus on getting stronger, building muscle and increasing your confidence in your lifting, not on being unsure of what to do and how to do it. 

INTENT is designed as a year long, periodized program built with progression in mind and mixes traditional strength training with hypertrophy focused blocks and, cardiovascular programming. 

"This programming gives me another level of confidence in the gym that I never even thought existed."

- Danyel G.


  • you're going to the gym but feel intimidated and unsure of how to do certain exercises or how to put a workout together.

  • you're taking class after class yet never see any changes or getting any stronger.

  • you can't find an in-person coach with rates you can afford or a schedule that works with yours.

  • you find other programs seem overly simplified and don't offer any real guidance on making progress or how to customize the workouts for YOU.

Then INTENT is for you. 

Broken up into 6 blocks of training with each block consisting of 1-2 six week long customizable programs housed in the SXD TrainHeroic training app, INTENT can be viewed and accessed from anywhere in the world, at any time. 

Every program is scaleable based on your experience, strength, comfortability and equipment access and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive unlimited lifting form feedback.

"Templated" programs are only shitty programs If there’s never any room for modifications and progressions, never any options for differences, variations or accommodation for whatever season of life you may be in, and, never any communication, instruction or clarification. 

Can you guess which kind of program INTENT is?

Working with Brit has been a game changer.

"When I started, my aesthetic goals were fear based and negative, rooted in my original issues with my weight from my teenage years, and I struggled with self-sabotage. My favorite thing about Brit’s coaching style is that she understands the desire to change your body, has the tools and coaching to help make it happen, but she’s also about the bigger picture and context of your life. That individualized, holistic approach has been really helpful to me….Felt confident rocking a biking in Costa Rica AND even had someone tell me “you’re obviously in great shape” - something I still have trouble believing!  As someone who generally avoided exercise until it became a method to lose weight and be accepted, hearing strangers attribute physical fitness to me in an unprompted way, makes me feel ALL the FEELINGS.”

- Rachel V.

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Change rarely happens by accident. It requires conscious, repeatable and consistent actions.

We don’t become stronger or build muscle or challenge the trajectory of our our fitness habits without making some deliberate choices along the way and doing things with intention. 

As a coach, I want you to understand the WHYs behind your training programming and have direction, clarity and understand the reason(s) for doing what you’re doing. One of the biggest deterrents to making lifting and exercise a part of our lifestyle is feeling confused and overwhelmed with what to do and how to do it.

Training with intent

On purpose.

Getting stronger BY design.

INTENT Periodization Plan

Weeks 1-6: 6 weeks of overall strength/ introduction to SXD with extra emphasis on strengthening your pushups and pull-ups. 

Weeks 7-18: 12 weeks of hypertrophy focus programming, with extra emphasis on shoulders and quads.

Weeks 19-24: 6 weeks strength with metabolic conditioning emphasis 

Weeks 25-36: 12 weeks of hypertrophy focus with extra emphasis on glutes and back  

Weeks 37-42: 6 weeks strength with metabolic conditioning emphasis 

Weeks 43-48: 6 weeks of overall strength 


What you can expect

  • 4 strength training sessions per week each lasting ~45-60 minutes in length. Not able to make 4x/week consistently? No worries, you'll receive detailed instructions on how to structure your training calendar to best suit your available time.
  • Exercise scaling, modifications, progressions & substitutions based on experience, strength, skill and equipment availability
  • Access to the program at any time from anywhere via the Train Heroic training app. Complete your sessions on your own time, on the days which work best for you.

  • Video demonstrations

  • Opportunity for unlimited form check video uploads & availability to ask  questions about your training within SXD's private Train Heroic community platform. Not interested in uploading videos or asking questions? No problem, you're more than welcome to be a silent client and won't ever be pushed to participate or post.

INTENT training only


  • monthly membership for INTENT training



INTENT training only


  • yearly membership for INTENT training only 





  • add 1:1 health, behavior and/or nutrition coaching to INTENT



  • INTENT PLUS yearly membership



“I need you to know that I’ve been doing your program for just a few weeks now, but I have already been able to increase my weights past what I’ve ever done. So THANK YOU for helping me find some confidence and making me LOVE every second of my time in the gym. It has kept me sane lately.”

-Bridget Q.


"...encourages consistency and healthy habits (and is a hard ass when she needs to be)..."

"Just wanna say how grateful I am (and I know I'm not alone)!!!

Amongst all this chaos, it's so relieving to know that I have a coach who: 

A. Encourages consistency and healthy habits (and is a hard ass about it when she needs be) and at the same time,

B. Understands that shit happens and provides support when necessary. 

I am so thankful to have an outlet and also a constant reminder to push myself. Thank you for the programming (because you know me and well, I need structure) and for being flexible and supporting us always."

-Jamey P