Intelligently designed programs & coaching for you & your goals.


Are you… 

  • Feeling overwhelmed, confused and anxious by all the things you think you should or shouldn’t be doing?
  • Bummed by results you aren't seeing?
  • Frustrated with habits that aren’t sticking? Stuck in self-sabotage mode or all-or nothing, perfect-or-bust thinking that prevents you from moving forward?
  • Ready, willing and prepared for possibly answering tough questions, being challenged, processing feedback and working on taking messy, imperfect action steps?
  • Ready, willing and prepared to collaborate and brainstorm ways to apply and practice the knowledge you have?


Would delegating some of the programming and planning and big-picture-views free up time and head space you need? 

Would you be more apt to follow through if you knew someone was “watching” and providing some additional accountability and an objective eye?

Is your bias getting in my way of being able to view yourself and your health & fitness journey in a supportive, compassionate and productive way?

Is your subjectivity making for a lot of unnecessary and preemptive pivoting, constantly “starting over” or spinning your  wheels?


And let's be clear, you...

Don’t need to be stronger first. 

Don’t need to lose more weight first.

Don’t need to have more muscle first. 

Don’t need to wait until the time is perfect.*

… before you decide to hire a coach 

*In fact, when things AREN’T perfect it's THE perfect time to work with a coach as it’s often when we could use help the most. 

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What you'll receive:

Email & text access to me — 

As a 1:1 PLUS client you’ll have a weekly scheduled email check-in. You’ll fill out a detailed review and reflection of your week and get feedback and coaching from me based on the things you are working on and towards as it relates to your nutrition, health behaviors and habit change. Answers to questions regarding the training program portion of things as well as review and form checks on weights selection and exercise execution are given 1-3x/week within our True Coach training app. Text access is also available for more time sensitive topics or challenges for all 1:1 clients. 


Training programs — 

Each training program will give you everything you need to have efficient and effective sessions all housed within the True Coach training app, accessible via desktop or mobile at any time from anywhere for your to easily view and track your workouts.  

  • Exercise tutorial demo videos
  • Parameters for things like warmups, sets, reps, RIR & rest times 
  • Form and setup cues 
  • Notes for load (weight) selection & progressive overload progress 
  • Swaps & substitutions if needed for changes to equipment access (vacations, different gyms, broken machines, etc.) 

Personalized video walkthroughs of program breakdowns or to further explain specific feedback are available upon request. 

Clients will also receive the SXD 1:1 Training Client Guide, a PDF which goes over topics such as: 

  • How to read your program (abbreviations, etc.) 
  • Best practices for filming and uploading form check videos 
  • In depth explanation of RIR (reps in reserve) and RPE (rate of perceived exertion) 
  • Recommended (but optional) gear and equipment 

Training programs are updated on a weekly basis and can contain anywhere from 2-6 sessions per week based on your individual preferences, schedule availability and goals.  One of the big benefits to online coaching is not being at the mercy of someone else's calendar or timeframe.You'll complete your workouts on your own time, whenever works best for you.

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You've been so great about not making me feel "bad" about having to back off, and offering modifications. I'm so proud of continuing to train through carpal tunnel and pregnancy, literally wouldn't have done it without you cheering me on!"

- Brittainy H. 
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Coaching Costs

Our relationship to food, exercise, our body and our health is incredibly personal and helping you dig deep into your mindset, habits and behaviors isn’t a privilege or responsibility I take lightly.

Working with a coach requires honesty and vulnerability and one small way I can mirror those values is to always be transparent in the cost of coaching. You won’t find any “packages typically range from… “  smoke and mirrors lingo here. Prices for all coaching services will always be openly displayed. 


1:1 Training Only

You’ll receive individualized training programs tailored & updated based on your goals, experience, equipment & preferences along with exercise tutorials and frequent form feedback.

(Pay in full for the year and receive one month of coaching free)



1:1 PLUS

Combine your training programs with nutrition and/or behavior change coaching. With PLUS you’ll submit a weekly detailed check-in email/form 

(Pay in full for the year and receive one month of coaching free)

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Suzanne B. 

“Aside from just the training itself, I feel really good. I have a lot of energy and I really look forward to training. I think having a coach helps with that because I was getting to a point that I was dreading going to the gym because I was just so fucking bored out of my mind. I’m also noting more definition in my shoulders and arms. Yay!”

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Liz H.

“Thank you for being a guide through this new, exciting world of strength training for my mom and I. You’ve been patient, kind and very understanding and I could not be more thankful. You’re the best of the best as a trainer but also as a friend.

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Rebecca F. 

"By the way, just a reminder that you are freakin’ awesome for this. The whole fitness/nutrition thing is super scary. Not once did you question my foods, you just found the best in the them — it makes me feel safe, not to mention it’s SUPER easy to follow, which you know is important to me for my crazy busy life. Thank you.”