Getting people strong(er) is my jam.

So is helping them achieve their goals and make significant changes.

Results and progress don’t happen by accident. Training is inherently deliberate and changing your relationship with food and behaviors is a conscious action. That’s why there’s a purpose behind what I do, in each of the SxD programs, and any of my recommendations.

I'm about making sure you feel capable and confident and that I'm able to explain the complex science “stuff” in meaningful, actionable ways.

I'm also about making sure you aren’t feeling like you’re spinning your wheels.

I'm about doing less to get more.

I'm also about:

Communication — The biggest and strongest pillar of SxD. Whether it’s confirmation of having someone (me) in your corner, or, understanding the reasons behind what you’re being coached to do, client relationships mean nothing without feedback, conversation and a collaborative effort.

Trust & Transparency — I'm a teacher in the trenches WITH you. My method isn’t to preach, but to SHOW. I'm here to help, not hoard information. There are no secrets kept from you here. No magic. No hacks.

Knowledge — With a degree in Sports Medicine, over a decade of coaching under my belt and too many certifications and continuing education courses to name, science rooted information and facts is important and is the foundation of what I do.

Effectiveness & Enjoyment   If you aren’t ultimately enjoying SOME part of your programs(s), what’s the point? I believe heavily in the trickle down effect changing and improving your fitness and nutrition has on all other areas of your life, but, this all has to be something that fits into your life, not the other way around. I want you to feel both challenged AND successful. 

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Fitness and nutrition done with a purpose? 

Yeah. I'm about it.

But listen, I'm not about getting to the  “end-goal” at all costs. I'm not here to surprise or trick you. To pummel your muscles (or your mind) into the ground, to leave you debilitating sore for days, to come up with the most whackiest, you’re never going to believe this (or be able to do it) exercise.

I'm not here to make up “fun” things you can barely do (how’s that fun?) Or to gloat at how impossible a program is, or, how innovative I am.

I'm here to give you the tools and knowledge to make training and nutrition a priority. To make sure you aren’t getting bogged down by BS gimmicks and unrealistic expectations.

You don’t need shiny and new. You need a lot less stuff and a lot less fluff than you may have been led to believe. Forget the flashy. You need uncomplicated. You need confidence in what you’re doing, not confusion. You need simplified and realistic, not impossible.

You need: Direction. Consistency. Clear plans. A reason for doing what you’re doing and an understanding of the purpose behind it.

And: Connection. Accountability (to something, especially yourself) and results for the hard work and effort you’re putting in.

Not: Indecision. Overwhelm. Inconsistency. Fourteen different priorities.

Slogging away on the treadmill because it’s the only thing you really “get”, or, starting another restrictive diet because “there’s no other way” does not have to be YOUR way. (It’s not mine)

Making sure you don’t feel lost, defeated or that you aren’t moving forward, THAT’S my way.

"...encourages consistency and healthy habits (and is a hard ass when she needs to be)..."

"Just wanna say how grateful I am (and I know I'm not alone)!!!

Amongst all this chaos, it's so relieving to know that I have a coach who: 

A. Encourages consistency and healthy habits (and is a hard ass about it when she needs be) and at the same time,

B. Understands that shit happens and provides support when necessary. 

I am so thankful to have an outlet and also a constant reminder to push myself. Thank you for the programming (because you know me and well, I need structure) and for being flexible and supporting us always."

Jamey, SxD Programs Member

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